Comfort is essential on road trips and this is closely related to safety. That is why when choosing a car you should take into account if you and your family spend many hours on the road. You shold also look for an appropriate car for your road trip. Lucky you, you can hire your car at rental24h underage. They are the best.

The best cars to travel

Although everything depends on your tastes and purchasing ability, the truth is that each vehicle segment offers a wide range of models available with excellent advantages when traveling on the road. seconds, and a trunk with a capacity of 589 liters.

1. Microurbanos

Although its size is small, in some cases the consumption of gasoline is a factor to consider. Models like the Seat Mii 1.0 75 HP are wide inside and, in the specific case of this vehicle, the consumption of gasoline is 4.5l / 100 km. The trunk is standard (251 liters), so it does not have enough capacity for a large family.

2. Urban

Like the microurbanos, the body is of small dimensions. They exceed 4m in length and usually have good space in their rear seats. A model of this recommended range for traveling on roads is the Renault Clio 1.5 dci. Its engine has good power and the fuel consumption is 3.3 l / 100 km.

3. Small SUVs

As we have said, the size of a car does not determine the quality of performance on the road. A fast model with a balanced consumption of fuel is the Renault Captur. Among its advantages are the sliding seats, which makes it comfortable for family trips. Its trunk is of average capacity (377 liters).

4. SUV means

Driving this range of vehicles gives the feeling of being in front of a 4×4 model, which makes it comfortable and suitable for the road and also provides safety because its body is strong and resistant. A model like the Honda CR-V iDTEC 120 HP has good exterior insulation, a silent engine that completes the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.2 seconds, and a boot with a capacity of 589 liters.

5. Minivan

Some small models, such as the Citroen Gran C4 Picasso allow you to include a third row of seats. This car offers advantages in terms of space, power, maneuverability and for its 643 liters of the luggage compartment. To this is added a large number of compartments to store objects, a plus to consider, especially when you have children.

Among the large monovolumes, highlights the Seat Alambra, whose performance in terms of the trunk stand out among other models. Because of its space in the rear seats, it can equip up to three child seats. The model allows to carry up to 955 liters in the back if the last line of seats is folded. Otherwise, the capacity is reduced to 300.

6. Sedan

These vehicles are a reference of good taste and sophistication. In addition, they provide total comfort, a good complement to go on long trips with tranquility. The reference model is the Skoda Superb, whose trunk is its most outstanding feature. It has a capacity of 625 liters in the sedan version and 660 liters in the family version. In the rear seats, three adults can travel, and the price-value ratio is quite tight.

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