What you can do in Mephis with youngsters?

Memphis is one of the metropolitans of the Tennessee state. It has a nice weather and ample greenery. It has a rich musical and cultural heritage. In the city you definately will be able to to rent a car, and evedn find under 21 car rental. More importantly city holds several attractions for tourists such as museums, zoo, parks and art galleries.

When you visit Memphis you can do several things with youngsters including:

  • Take a walk with youngsters down the Mississippi river
  • Take photo of well-known Peabody ducks
  • Enjoy mouth-watering Barbecues of Memphis
  • Take a walk on the footsteps of Elvis Presley

 Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the second longest river in North America. It’s the western boundary of Memphis. That’s why Memphis is called “Bluff City” or “The River City”. Here you can enjoy almost five miles of park zone which are perfect for outdoor recreation.

You can find here lot of different activities for whole family of for your company, such as: boat cruises, canoe rental and other water activities. Absolutely worth seeing is famous Mud Island. It is a park near the Mississippi, there you can see a scale model of the lower.

Or you can reach the Big River Crossing to cross the Mississippi. It was the bridge which was the first bridge across this river. Also It is free.

Memphis Zoo

The Zoo was identified as the 2011 the best place to enjoy a pleasant afternoon. The zoo’s exhibitions cover 3 km.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music is located in neighborhood of Memphis. After the demolition of the original studio in 1989, an effort to revitalize the area was undertaken and the institution was rebuilt to its former glory.

Today, you can find there more than 2,000 movies, photos, music videos, costumes, original instruments, artifacts, quizzes from past. If you want more vintage  there are many exhibits telling the story of Stax Records and Memphis music.

Therefore, visiting Memphis can be enjoyable experience and the whole trip will not be complete without making use of car rental services from companies which offer their services to the right age to rent a car in tennessee.

The youngsters will never forget the nice attractions Memphis offers and may still opt to visit the City in future as a result of the thrilling experience.

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The Need For Useful Road Trip Tips

We live on a beautiful planet, with vast and constantly changing landscapes. There is a lot to do and see, and one of the best means of transportation is by car. Traveling by car gives you the freedom to get off the beaten track, explore the road and all the quaint and crazy towns that dot the town. Underage car rental is the best when on your first road trip.

Here are some tips for traveling safely by car:

Road rules

Fortunately, the road code is practically the same throughout the country. However, keep in mind that you can travel on long stretches of road that could be loaded with trucks and other heavy vehicles. When you are on this kind of path, it is extremely important not to bend and practice patience first. Strictly observe speed limits and take your time, especially on unknown roads. Venture with caution when visiting the farm or rural roads, as street animals and livestock may cross. It is also known that these types of roads are full of potholes, which can cause a lot of damage to your car if it is affected.


When embarking on a road trip, it is a good idea to book hotels online in advance. It is not necessary to plan strictly all aspects of your trip if you prefer a more pleasant experience, but it is good to have a place to stay during a certain visit in some cities. If you have purchased a vacation package and are traveling by car, this part of your planning is already supported! Most packages include room and board and some activities. Therefore, it is fun to plan some aspects of the car trip if you book in advance.


Although a fun part of a trip is to make a stop to enjoy delicious snacks at several stops along the way and restaurants along the way, it is much cheaper and more cost effective to prepare sandwiches for the trip. Large amounts of water, sandwiches and other snacks will keep you and your passengers full and full of time to enjoy the scenery.

Stay awake and safe

One of the main causes of car collisions is that drivers fall asleep at the wheel. This is likely to happen on long trips, so keep that in mind when traveling. If possible, you have two competent drivers in your car, so you can turn alternately. Stop and increase your music! Singing loudly on the radio helps you wake up, stay awake and have fun too!

There is a lot of fun to do on a car trip. Make sure you have a car charger to boost the battery if you follow the phone’s GPS. Carrying out a little research in advance can guide your trip, in terms of the activities and places you want to visit. Do not forget to create funny CDs and take lots of pictures!

Underage car rental services ensure that one is accessible to their cars. Their services make your first road trip memorable.

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What Car to Pick for a Road Trip?

Comfort is essential on road trips and this is closely related to safety. That is why when choosing a car you should take into account if you and your family spend many hours on the road. You shold also look for an appropriate car for your road trip. Lucky you, you can hire your car at rental24h underage. They are the best.

The best cars to travel

Although everything depends on your tastes and purchasing ability, the truth is that each vehicle segment offers a wide range of models available with excellent advantages when traveling on the road. seconds, and a trunk with a capacity of 589 liters.

1. Microurbanos

Although its size is small, in some cases the consumption of gasoline is a factor to consider. Models like the Seat Mii 1.0 75 HP are wide inside and, in the specific case of this vehicle, the consumption of gasoline is 4.5l / 100 km. The trunk is standard (251 liters), so it does not have enough capacity for a large family.

2. Urban

Like the microurbanos, the body is of small dimensions. They exceed 4m in length and usually have good space in their rear seats. A model of this recommended range for traveling on roads is the Renault Clio 1.5 dci. Its engine has good power and the fuel consumption is 3.3 l / 100 km.

3. Small SUVs

As we have said, the size of a car does not determine the quality of performance on the road. A fast model with a balanced consumption of fuel is the Renault Captur. Among its advantages are the sliding seats, which makes it comfortable for family trips. Its trunk is of average capacity (377 liters).

4. SUV means

Driving this range of vehicles gives the feeling of being in front of a 4×4 model, which makes it comfortable and suitable for the road and also provides safety because its body is strong and resistant. A model like the Honda CR-V iDTEC 120 HP has good exterior insulation, a silent engine that completes the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.2 seconds, and a boot with a capacity of 589 liters.

5. Minivan

Some small models, such as the Citroen Gran C4 Picasso allow you to include a third row of seats. This car offers advantages in terms of space, power, maneuverability and for its 643 liters of the luggage compartment. To this is added a large number of compartments to store objects, a plus to consider, especially when you have children.

Among the large monovolumes, highlights the Seat Alambra, whose performance in terms of the trunk stand out among other models. Because of its space in the rear seats, it can equip up to three child seats. The model allows to carry up to 955 liters in the back if the last line of seats is folded. Otherwise, the capacity is reduced to 300.

6. Sedan

These vehicles are a reference of good taste and sophistication. In addition, they provide total comfort, a good complement to go on long trips with tranquility. The reference model is the Skoda Superb, whose trunk is its most outstanding feature. It has a capacity of 625 liters in the sedan version and 660 liters in the family version. In the rear seats, three adults can travel, and the price-value ratio is quite tight.

Rental24h underage offers you all the above-listed car, make your prudent choice.

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Business-Lunch in Athens: 6 Most Suitable Spots


Dinner on Lycabetus

(photo by Someone’s screename)

The stories of successful business negotiations keep many examples of their competent and thoughtful organization. Sometimes the key moment in making a fateful decision is not business arguments, but delicious cuisine and a cozy interior of the restaurant where a meeting with a potential business partner was held.

It has long been noted in business circles that it’s better to held business meetings on a neutral territory. Thus, the restaurant will be an excellent choice, but only if it’s selected properly. We have chosen for you 6 best restaurants in Athens, which will be an ideal place for a successful business-lunch. All of them have their own parking, so it’s recommended to use car rental Hertz Athens for a comfortable getting around the city.

Funky Gourmet

Cuisine: molecular

Average bill: 90-240€/person

Orange explosion

(photo by ranjanili)

This restaurant offers breathtaking gastronomic adventures. An iconic establishment in the Art Deco style, which awarded Michelin Stars in 2012 and in 2014, will be remembered by the original serving of dishes and divine taste. Sorbet with the taste of Greek Salad, chocolate soup with pure gold and other unusual dishes of molecular gastronomy won’t leave indifferent any gourmet. The number of dishes will depend on the selected tasting set. The waiter tells about each dish and its components during the tasting. It’s necessary to book a table in the restaurant in advance. It can be difficult to find Funky Gourmet for the first time, because there is no any signboard. You’ll only see the door and the bell.

Address: Paramythias 13 and Salaminos, Kerameikos, Center 104 35


Orizontes Lycabettus

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek

Average bill: from 60€/2 persons

Athens - Greece

(photo by Karl Hipolito)

This awesome panoramic restaurant is located at an altitude of 277 meters on the highest point of Athens – Lycabettus Hill. Athenians call this hill a mountain of love for a stunning view that opens from the top. You can get to the restaurant in various ways: by a cable car, by using a rental car or on foot. A fascinating view and dinner on the open terrace during the warmer months at sunset hours is something incredible. Despite the highest level of service, the establishment offers menu with democratic prices. Preliminary booking for dinner is required.

Address: Aristippou 1, Athina 106 76



Cuisine: Mediterranean, French

Average bill: 70-200€/person

Athens Spondi

(photo by homasmafia)

Like Funky Gourmet, Spondi restaurant is also awarded two Michelin stars. In 2013 it was included into the list of the best restaurants according to Restaurant Magazine. The cozy atmosphere, stylish interior, top-class quality of service and amazingly tasty food – this is exactly what you need for a successful business-lunch. The restaurant’s specialties are crab in herb jelly, lamb fillet with crust of coriander and caramelized lemon, as well as foie gras and a delicious dessert with strawberries, the berries of which are wrapped in gold foil. However, the menu is constantly updated. In addition to the major menu, visitors are offered 2 tasting sets with author’s dishes from the chef.

Address: Pirronos 5, Athina 116 36


Matsuhisa Athens

Cuisine: Japanese

Average bill: 50-100€/person

Matsuhisa Athens Restaurant | Astir Palace Resort

(photo by Astir)

This is the restaurant of the world-famous Japanese cuisine network of Matsuhisa and just a pretty pathos place, which is very good for a business-lunch. At any time of year the restaurant is crowded, the table needs to be booked in advance. In summer, the best tables are on the veranda with a superb view of the bay. Having tasted real Japanese sashimi, nigiri sushi, rolls, try to continue your lunch by visiting the bar counter. Cocktails in the bar are good, especially those ones that are frozen with nitrogen. The only thing that upsets the beauty and taste is the slow service of the waiters.

Address: Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni 166 71


Varoulko Seaside

Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean

Average bill: 50-80€/person

At Varoulko

The restaurant serving seafood is located in the picturesque Mikrolimano Bay. The owner of the establishment and the chef Lefteris Lazarou was awarded the Michelin star for excellent cuisine, and also received a prestigious award in the field of Greek gastronomy and restaurant business – Chef’s Golden Hat. Check out the taste of sea delicacies: taramosalata with white caviar, olive oil and lemon, cuttlefish with grilled caramelized lentil and orange sauce. The guru of Greek cuisine will necessarily come to the table to personally make sure you liked the dishes.

Address: Akti Koumoundourou 52, Pireas 104 35



Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean

Average bill: 40-100€/person

bar at Balthazar's

(photo by Anthony Showalter)

One of the most historic restaurants of the city opened its doors in 1973. In this neoclassic-style mansion with the name of Balthazar lived the famous Greek actress Kiveli Adriano. A fabulous garden and a laid-back atmosphere of those times were preserved in the restored building and adapted for the fans of art and cinema, as well as the connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Strict interior of the establishment, a green oasis, a huge number of snacks and a rich cocktail list create a suitable setting for a business-lunch. Among meat dishes, pork with eggplant and oregano sauce is the most popular order. Roll with meat of young lamb, greens and lemon sauce is also worth tasting.

Address: 27, Tsocha, Athina 115 21


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The long history of Memphis revolves around agricultural background as early as the 1800s along Mississippi River. A recent study shows that Memphis city is rich in cultural and musical facts which are a major tourist attraction from all over the world. It forms an important center for commercial transactions both transport and logistics. This makes it boast of its robust economy. Carnival Memphis boasts due to its diverse population and great monumental music impacts. To locate all the destinations all over, rent a car in Memphis to enjoy good food, good music, and best companies


Activities to do in Memphis

Bartlett Festival 2008

There is a variety of events to engage in while in carnival Memphis. This is sure to keep you busy for the rest of the period you will stay. Rent a car in Memphis to help you cut on costs and you will be able to have a glimpse of everything. When scheduling your traveling plans, involve car
rental for it is an easier process of accessing all locations. This offers plenty of fuel plan options no matter your destination or luxurious ride throughout the city.


Destinations and places to visit


Either traveling as a family, couple, friends or individually, there is plenty of offers you will get. Check-in at the Grand Krewes of Carnival Memphis, which has members from all walk of life. Visit Memphis, Osiris, Ramet, Sphinx, Ptah, Ennead, Queen Bees, Phoenix, Ptolemy and the latest Grand Krewes Luxor. You will come to appreciate your vacation well spent. There is a museum which stands on an assassination place in honor of participants in the important movement and depicts stories from past centuries of history. While on your vacation in Carnival Memphis, plan to spend at least three hours to feel the experience. The museum is rich in resources holding sensitive topics for the youths and young children.

Memphis is another destination you don’t have to miss out. This is the home to fantastic dancing and attracts large crowds consistently. Actually, you visit is incomplete if you don’t book a tour of the mansion to rock and roll destination.


Economic events in Carnival Memphis

tornado effect

Carnival Memphis is categorized as part of the mid-south community for eight decades and there have been cognizable tremendous positive and negative changes on the economy. This economy has grown in the measure of leaps and bounds. Yearly, there is an elaborate and superb presentation of the Queen and King of Carnival Memphis with the Royal Court. The Grand Krewes crowns the party of the year. On your visit to Carnival Memphis, you will not miss the children’s charities and other great events usually organized by the Grand Krewes for the benefit of the organizations. The organizers for the fundraising ensure that enough money is collected for running of the initiative.


Wolfchase Mall Carnival

The carnival Memphis was originally known as Cotton Carnival because the initial purpose was promoting and celebrating the cotton industry, which was a major backbone of the economy back in those days. As years have gone by, the celebrations developed into an annual local event. Many societies and communities participate in such festivities including the juniors. They travel to Carnival Memphis, which helps them to get involved in the Junior Court which is a community service initiative. I bet you will find the activities fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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